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Corporate Reorganization as Corporate Reinvention: Borders and Blockbuster in Chapter 11

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Ruth Sarah Lee At its heart, Chapter 11 is supposed to be about giving struggling businesses a new beginning, predicated on the idea that “a failing business can be reshaped into a successful operation . . . a predictable creation from a people whose majority religion embraces the idea of life from death and whose central myth is the pioneer making a fresh start on the boundless prairie.” However, major Chapter 11 cases filed in the past few months, and the subsequent discussions they provoked, raise a new question to peruse: how new should the new beginning be—how fresh the fresh start? When a corporation vows to change its business model in order to pay back its debts and become more successful, how much is it supposed to change? Can it morph into a completely different corporation after it emerges? Corporations like Borders Group, Inc. (“Borders”) or Blockbuster Inc. (“Blockbuster”) might be making Chapter 11 the fashionable, new way to metamorphose.