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Contingent Convertible Bonds and Banker Compensation: Potential Conflicts of Interest?

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Gaurav Toshniwal: Two issues related to financial regulation have received significant academic and regulatory attention since the financial crisis: Contingent Convertible Bonds (“CoCos”) and banker compensation. The discussion, however, has largely been silent on the interaction between the two. This brief note explores the potential conflicts that may exist in the design and implementation of CoCos because of the incentive structure created by managerial compensation. Regulators, academics and market participants will need to address these concerns in designing the regulatory framework for CoCo instruments and managerial compensation.

The Coconundrum

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Frederick Ryan Castillo Digging deeper into their analytical toolbox, policymakers, academics, and regulators are increasingly exploring whether, and to what extent, a system of contingent capital can strengthen the resilience of the banking sector. The global financial crisis unearthed fragile and troubled banks, riddled with excessive leverage, poor quality capital buffers, and liquidity problems. Because these institutions were deemed “too big to fail,” governments were forced to intervene and prop them up by way of costly, taxpayer-funded bailouts. With the benefit of hindsight, regulators are now looking at contingent capital as a potentially speedy and less costly alternative for recapitalizing banks in periods of financial distress.