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Complexity of Regulation

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Chester S. Spatt: While our financial system is itself very complex, our financial regulators would benefit in many cases by designing simple and robust approaches…

Distilling the Debate on Proxy Access

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David Page In August 2010, the SEC issued its final rule on proxy access, which gives shareholders the right to place director nominees directly on the company’s proxy card, thereby sparing shareholders a large part of the expense of waging a traditional proxy contest. This rulemaking, and the SEC’s subsequent decision in October to delay implementing the rule pending a challenge from the Business Roundtable, has fueled a vigorous debate on the merits of proxy access and the details of its implementation. Some of the arguments made by commentators and academics are particularly interesting and useful in framing the contours of the debate.

The Rise and Fall of the Proxy Access Idea: A Narrative

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Laurenz Vuchetich Every person involved in the creation or exercise of any discipline tends to strive toward absolutes. Is the idea of proxy access a step closer to immaculate corporate governance? According to the most recent actions of its introducers, it is not—or at least not yet.