Getting Involved as a 2L Transfer or LLM Student


Transfers and LLMs—Congratulations on your admission to Harvard Law School. We are confident you will have a rewarding and fulfilling experience during your time here. We are thrilled that you are interested in learning more about the Harvard Business Law Review (HBLR).

Transfer and LLM students are encouraged to join HBLR. We value the meaningful contributions transfer students have made to our journal over the years. LLMs have similarly contributed a great deal to HBLR—their international know-how has proven invaluable in our development. Because we value the experience and skill of transfers and LLMs, HBLR allows both groups to apply for Senior Editor and Submissions Editor positions immediately. The process for applying is straightforward and designed to accommodate the hectic schedules of new HLS students, while ensuring that the most qualified candidates get involved.

Application Process

There is no write-on competition for transfer and LLM application. Interested students will be asked to submit a writing sample from their 1L year. Because writing samples vary in form and substance, we ask that you limit your submission to 10 pages. For briefs and other longer selections, we encourage you to highlight a relevant portion that you feel would guide us in our evaluation.

Next, applicants will complete a short citation exercise, which will evaluate basic Bluebook proficiency. This exercise should be completed in no more than 1 hour. To receive the exercise, please send an email to will accept applications and completed exercises until 12:00 AM on September 15, 2017.

In applying to HBLR, it is important to note that our evaluation is a holistic one. In the past, transfer and LLM students have consistently produced high-quality work and demonstrated strong commitment. We understand that you have a lot on your plate, so please do not spend hours of your valuable time on this application. Simply send in the required information and do your best on the short citation exercise.


While HBLR prides itself on publishing high quality law articles, we also consider ourselves a tight knit community at HLS. Social interaction, mentorship, and camaraderie are very important aspects of HBLR. We would like to serve as a resource for you. We understand how stressful and overwhelming the transfer and LLM processes can be—many of us have gone through it ourselves. We are happy to provide guidance on EIP, class selection, and the transition generally. Congratulations again on your admission and we look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!


Parth Bhatt
Managing Editor

Tracy Cui
Managing Editor

Richad Hirani
Managing Editor